Why Kinetix Opportunities

Source Better
Source better

Finding “good” companies is your edge.
Do it better with our deep tech and hyper personalization, customized to your own investing standards and criteria.

Understand and Augment
Understand and augment

Knowing “why” is as important as “what”.
All investment recommendations come with Deep Reasoning analysis to augment your decision-making and add to your conviction.

Reinforce Strategy
Reinforce strategy

You can never be too sure.
Add redundancy and discipline to harden your existing approach, saving you time, increasing your consistency, and reducing your risk.

Greatest Asset is Time

Because your greatest asset is your time,
and your biggest problem is too much noise.

The life of a fundamentals analyst is inundated with constant
reading, listening, spreadsheets, and antiquated technologies.

Start Working and Thinking With Tomorrow’s Tools

Fingerprint your Investing Style with
Machine Learning by Looking to Your Past

Employ Kinetix’ turn-key, proprietary Deep Reasoning technology for unparalleled logic extraction and train it to see investment opportunities like only you do.

Generate New, Intelligible
Investment Ideas Going Forward

Leverage your investing fingerprint and automatically filter troves of quantitative and qualitative market data for the rich set of signals you and your firm care most about

Then Business as Usual…

Leverage Kinetix’ AI-generated analysis reports to augment your decision-making, making it a valuable part of your thesis and due diligence before making the final call.


Your time is highly limited. Leverage state-of-the-art technology to extract the patterns behind your decision-making and have it power your idea generation going forward.

There’s too much data. Use Opportunities to find the signals in the noise and get investments opportunities augmented with analysis.

Investment decisions are complex. Kinetix Opportunities is a human-in-the-loop AI that allows you to make the ultimate call, just better and faster.

Valuable Picks

Get bespoke ticker recommendations based on the standards and criteria you and your firm operate on.

Kinetix Opportunities Stock Picks

Explainable Results

See the exact reasoning behind machine-based recommendations and understand why an investment idea is a good fit.

Kinetix Opportunities Explainable Stock Recommendations

Understand Strategic Fit and Consistency

See exactly how a new opportunity fits into your past decision-making with visualization and AI-powered proximity scoring.

Kinetix Opportunities Stock Picks

Tap into Kinetix Firm Profiler strategies

Firm Profiler has fingerprinted each and every fund with remarkable accuracy leveraging publicly available data exclusively. Load up the profiles of your competition to see how they’ll likely invest.

Kinetix Opportunities Model Analytics

Sophisticated Filtering

For expert users, look under the hood and see deep into the inner workings of Kinetix’ state-of-the-art recommendation technology. See the rules, understand the concepts, and even tune the system manually to override the AI.

Kinetix Opportunities Stock Picks

An Intelligent Decision Support System

World of Data
The World of Data

Connect public data and
your proprietary, in-house data

Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Filters the data world, finds the
tickers you should be interested in, and
generates a personalized analysis report

Analyst Apps
Analyst Apps

Intuitive design, data visualization,
and notifications to provide actionable information and analysis

“No man is better than a machine,
and no machine is better than
a man with a machine”

- Paul Tudor Jones (of Tudor Investment)
- Paul Tudor Jones
(of Tudor Investment)
Secure deployment

Secure deployment

On-prem or cloud based but
always protecting your valuable IP.

Turn-key Data Integration

Turn-key Data Integration

Easily connect your own data sources
and bring it into the decision-making fold
with our SQL Anywhere solution.

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